If you have any questions about these lessons and what’s involved – please  CLICK HERE to send a message to West Coast Splash Synchronised Swimming Club. 

‘Synchro is a sport for all’

We’re shouting out to anyone in our community who’s always fancied having a go at Synchro…

Starting this October, West Coast Splash Synchronised Swimming Club are starting ‘Sync4All’, a series of 10 classes for ANYONE who’s interested in enjoying the sport – and benefits – of Synchronised Swimming.

Athletes (or budding athletes) of all abilities and physical capabilities, are invited to discover the joys of attaining the skills of Synchronised swimming, and becoming an important part of a team, learning and swimming a synchronised routine.




TIME: 12-1 PM

FREE TUITION WITH A REGISTRATION COST OF $30 FOR A 10 WEEK PERIOD  (13 October till 15 December 2018)

All attendees most welcome to join in the fun, friendships and teamwork!

Classes held by West Coast Splash Synchronised Swimming Club with the participation of Superfins WA .