Date11 November 2017
Time16:30 onwards
Location: Department of Sport and Recreation: 246 Vincent Street, Leederville.
Official documents:
Clarification on the Interpretation of the SynchroWA constitution with regards to the voting rights of the SynchroWA membership: 
1) In order to vote, a member needs to be financial with SSAI and must be present on the SynchroWA register by the date of the AGM.
2) For members who hold multiple positions in the community (i.e. someone who is a judge, coach and official) only 1 vote will be granted regardless of the number of positions held. The vote is attached to the name, not the positions.
3) All athletes under the age of 18 are allowed to nominate one adult, via proxy, to vote on their behalf. All proxies need to be sent to the SynchroWA secretary by 5pm on 2 November 2017. No late proxies will be accepted.