Annual Awards & Recognition

Each year at the annual WA State Championships, SynchroWA present three awards to recognise outstanding contribution within our community.

The awards are all named for important figures within the Synchronised Swimming Community in Western Australia, past and present, to acknowledge and respect their dedication, time, passion and expertise that has contributed to bring our sport to where it is today.

The Roberts Memorial Shield

Roberts Memorial Shield The Roberts Memorial Shield is a trophy awarded every year to the highest scoring Junior Athlete. It is named for one of WA’s founders of Synchro, Mrs. Daphne Roberts.

During the 1970’s Daphne promoted and taught the sport in WA as she was convinced of its value to women of all ages for healthy exercise and enjoyment. She gained her knowledge by studying Canadian coaching expertise, sourcing all the music, education materials, underwater speakers and even importing 16mm black and white films to show her swimmers overseas choreography. All of these resources she gave freely and generously to anyone who showed interest.

Daphne has 3 daughters – the eldest, Rosalie, won the State Gold Medal in 1971, then represented WA in the 1972 Nationals in Melbourne. Rosalie competed in Sydney in the 1973 Nationals as WA Captain/Coach (the team bought back the first ever Nationals medal for WA – a bronze medal in the team event). Younger twins Julia and Jayne switched from competitive speed swimming and went on to win bronze in the duet event at the 1974 Nationals – the first duet medal for WA.

Daphne’s contribution to Synchronised Swimming in the State of Western Australia will always be acknowledged and appreciated.

The 2019 award winner is Emily Holloway from West Coast Splash Synchronised Swimming Club.

The Marsea Nelson Award

Marsea was the first coach specifically sourced to concentrate on high performance and her passion and technical expertise took WA athletes to a new competitive level.  Whilst Marsea always values technical expertise, she also placed emphasis on other attributes such as resilience, respect and punctuality – qualities that make one an ambassador for our sport.  This award is given each year to an athlete who exemplifies these qualities.

The 2019 award winner is Celeste Johns from SupaNova Synchronised Swimming Club. 

The Carbmill Award

Named after Roslyn Carbon and Brian Miller, two of the original co-founders of SynchroWA, this award recognises the outstanding contribution of our volunteers.  Nominated by a member of the SynchroWA community, it is awarded to an individual who has shown selfless dedication, serving to promote the development of synchronised swimming in Western Australia.

The 2019 award winner is Bridget Ammon.