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Thanks to the generous support of our major sponsor SunSmart, we are able to offer you an exciting opportunity to come and try Synchronised Swimming for free.  However, to help us manage numbers of attendees, and to be able to communicate to you about the event, and any future similar events, we ask that you register your attendance before the event via the link below…

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SynchroWA, along with Perth’s two Synchronised Swimming clubs SupaNova (South) and West Coast Splash (North) regularly offer free sessions for school aged girls and boys to come along and have a go at this unusual and beautiful sport.

Taking up Synchronised Swimming has many benefits, so is well worth considering – especially for kids who already enjoying swimming, but also have artistic flair or interest in other similar land sports like dance or gymnastics.

A recent article published by Health Fitness Revolution identifies the top ten benefits of synchronised swimming…


  • Works the Brain: Anytime there is a routine to be memorized, the brain is working to remember and retain it. Keeping the brain active is a key component to both creating new neural pathways and keeping the existing ones healthy.
  • Flexibility: Studies show that synchronized swimmer rank only second to gymnasts in flexibility. Many of the moves and routines required of these women make them ultra-flexible
  • Increased aerobic capacity: tests also show that synchronized swimmers rank only second to long distance runners in aerobic capacity. Extended periods of breathe holding while being active contribute to this.
  • Increased lung capacity: most synchro swimmers can hold their breathe for 3 minutes, although most routines only require them to hold it for 1 minute at a time.
  • Increased Stamina: although the routines look effortless, the conditioning of the competitors is extreme. Once in the water, swimmers are confined to a 12 meter-by-12 meter competition area that is at least nine feet deep and touching the bottom of the pool is off-limits- competitors must continuously tread water in an eggbeater fashion to free up the arms and make the illusion that they are comfortably standing.
  • Supreme endurance: Synchronized swimmers spend six days per week honing their craft, and upwards of eight hours per day: six in the pool and two hours on land cross training. This is more training than most other Olympic athletes.
  • Increased muscular strength: routines incorporate a series of twists, pointed toes, splits, lifts, and more. In addition to constantly treading water while performing gravity defying moves, keep in mind that when teammates lift one another, they are not touching the pool bottom! That is some super core strength!
  • Increased discipline: synchro swimming must have the discipline to train, keep afloat, keep their eyes open the entire routine (both underwater and above), and work together. This teaches all the fundamentals for being successful both inside the pool and in life.
  • Increased confidence and team building: competing in a group builds camaraderie and self-esteem in every competitor.
  • Good for emotional and psychological health: The endorphins that the body created during all physical activity is good for depression, mood, and psychological health.


Our Come and Try sessions are a great opportunity for your budding Synchro Superstar to jump in, have a go, see some of our more experienced athletes perform some of their award winning routines and find out more about how to get started.


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Please note, for these Come and Try Sessions:, no special equipment is required, just usual swimming attire and goggles.  The ability to swim to at least a basic level and be confident in the water is essential.