Judging Synchronised Swimming


Excellence in judging is paramount in a sport that is scored subjectively and SynchroWA invests heavily in improving the standard of judging at all our tournaments.



During figures competitions, swimmers perform individual figures (as determined by international governing body FINA) in front of a panel of judges who award a mark out of ten.

Judges consider the design, or accuracy of positions and transitions as specified in the figure description, and the athletes degree of control which includes extension, height, stability, clarity, uniform motion unless specified in the figure description.

For competitive synchronised swimmers, mastery of figures is especially important because, along with being an integral component of routines, figures scores are factored in as fifty percent of the overall routine score calculation.



The judgement of synchronised swimming routines involves three panels of up to five judges per panel.  Each judge provides a score out of 10 using 1/10th points.

Panel One:         Execution score, comprising execution and synchronisation.

Panel Two:         Artistic Impression score comprising choreography, music interpretation and manner of presentation.

Panel Three:      Difficulty score, comprising difficulty of all movements and of synchronisation.

Our dedicated Judging Coordinator endeavours to run regular sessions for new judges, and we encourage those are interested to get in touch with us.

Learning to judge increases your understanding of the sport, makes a competition more exciting and helps you help the swimmers excel.


Judge Education Opportunities

For a full list of judging opportunities, please refer to the Calendar or register your interest via the link below.