The SynchroWA Board

Committed volunteers are the backbone of our organisation.  They chair our committees, fundraise, coach and act as officials to support our swimmers at every level.

Everyone registered in a Synchronised Swimming program in WA is a member of SynchroWA.

In addition, all coaches, officials and parent volunteers registered with SynchroWA are members who are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The membership elects a Board at the AGM, which is held after the National Age Group Championships (around the end of the financial year).

Our Volunteer Board consists of the following positions:

  • Chairperson – voting
  • Secretary – voting
  • Treasurer – voting
  • 3 additional voting board members
  • Relationships Manager
  • State Coaching Director
  • High Performance Coach
  • State Judging Coordinator
  • Club Representatives¬†
  • Swimmers Representative


Note that many of our volunteer board members have no technical knowledge of Synchronised Swimming.  In this we are guided by members such as the State Coaching Director, the High Performance Coach and more learned members of the wider Synchro community.