Our calendar of events and competitions, to develop our athletes and grow participation in our sport can only take place thanks to the enthusiastic participation of volunteers who fill many diverse roles.

Most of these duties require little training but can be very rewarding. Roles include:Competition Manager:  works with SynchroWA to organise the meet prior to the event.


  • The Competition manager is present during the meet.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Arranges volunteers for the event and assigns their duties
  • Awards Coordinator: Prepares, sorts and applies labels to medals, trophies and ribbons prior to the meet.  At the event the AC receives the results and organises awards for presentation.  The AC is often assisted by an Awards Assistant.
  • Hospitality Coordinator: Arranges hospitality for meet officials and assists visiting guests.
  • Referee: Oversees the competition and provides direction according to FINA rules
  • Scorekeepers: Record all the judges marks and tally the scores


In addition for competitions that involve routines:


  • Announcer: Calls the event, provides critical information and ensures timing is accurate. Announces the name of the event, the referee and judges, the sponsors, the competitors, the judges marks and the final results.
  • Music Coordinator: Is responsible for the timing of the music for all the routines
  • Video Recorder: Records all routine events so that they can be reviewed if there is a penalty situation
  • Timers: Record walk on time, deck time and music time
  • Runners: sit next to the judges and take the judging slips with the written mark to the computer-scoring table.