AquaStART Schools

Artistic Swimming WA offers a fantastic entry-level program for children and adolescents at schools in Western Australia. The AquaStART Schools Program promotes the Olympic sport of Artistic Swimming, in a fun-filled way to encourage the fundamental skill development of participants, and team work that can be applied in all aquatic sports and life in general.

As participants gain better body control in the water through fundamental movements, they are gradually introduced to more advanced activities and skills. Students are motivated to acquire, imitate, and even devise more intricate sequences of movements. These activities promote collaboration among participants and contribute to the development of a positive self-esteem.

The AquaStART Schools Program aligns with the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education, ensuring that students gain valuable learning opportunities through physical activity. The program supports students in expanding their range and complexity of movement as they learn to independently and collaboratively select, transfer, and apply simple movement skills and sequences.

Lessons are customised to suit your school’s specific requirements, fostering a supportive environment where students are encouraged to embrace new challenges.

Contact our Development Officer for further information about the AquaStART Schools Package.

Artistic Swimming WA is proud to support The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Through the SynchroStART for school program, we offer a range of diverse and enjoyable opportunities for Duke of Ed Participants across WA to complete their Physical Recreation, Skills and Voluntary Service Sections at all levels of the Award.