Mrs Rinehart, esteemed Life Member of Artistic Swimming WA

Artistic Swimming Western Australia Nominates Mrs. Rinehart for Life Membership in Recognition of Exemplary Contribution

Artistic Swimming Western Australia (ASWA) proudly announces the nomination of Mrs. Rinehart for the esteemed title of Life Member in recognition of her exceptional commitment to the organization, its swimmers, and its coaches. Since 2014, Mrs. Rinehart has been a steadfast patron, with her generous contributions playing a pivotal role in propelling the evolution of artistic swimming in Western Australia. Her unwavering financial support has been the bedrock of ASWA’s growth, providing crucial funding for coaches and the necessary support for our community to foster and develop the sport in this region. Additionally, Mrs. Rinehart’s generosity has allowed the national team to centralize in Perth, facilitating Australia’s top swimmers to train together. This vital contribution has enabled the team to progress from 22nd to 8th in the world, showcasing the significant impact of Mrs. Rinehart on the success and development of artistic swimming.

Beyond her financial contributions, Mrs. Rinehart has actively and unwaveringly engaged in the development of our sport. She has displayed genuine care and concern for athletes as they journey towards national representation, offering invaluable guidance and support. Mrs. Rinehart’s commitment to the advancement of our sport in Western Australia is both undeniable and remarkable.

Emily Rogers, Dual Olympian and Captain of the Tokyo 2020 Artistic Swimming Team, commented, “Mrs Rinehart has offered athletes incredibly generous support; I would not be the athlete I am today, and I have her to thank for making my dreams of becoming an Olympian a reality.”

Alessandra Ho, Olympian (Tokyo 2020) and currently a member of the Senior National Team training for Paris 2024 said, “Without Mrs. Rinehart’s generosity and kindness, I wouldn’t be able to continue pursuing my dreams. I’m currently training at a world-class facility and have an amazing team that best prepares me to achieve my goals. This is only possible because of Mrs. Rinehart’s ongoing support.”

In light of her extraordinary contributions, ASWA believes that Mrs. Rinehart is the most deserving candidate to be ASWA’s very first Life Member since its inception in 2009. Her dedication, support, and passion for artistic swimming have not only propelled the growth of our sport but have also enriched the lives of countless athletes and community members. Mrs. Rinehart’s legacy stands as a testament to the positive impact that one individual can have on an entire sporting community.

Nikki Eidne, Chairperson of Artistic Swimming WA, adds, “Mrs. Rinehart’s commitment to the betterment of our sport is both undeniable and remarkable. Her legacy is a testament to the positive impact that one individual can have on an entire sporting community.”

It is with profound appreciation that ASWA nominates Mrs. Rinehart for this esteemed recognition, and the organisation eagerly anticipates celebrating her enduring legacy within the artistic swimming community

Photo:  Mrs Gina Rinehart AO, Patron Artistic Swimming, with representatives from Australia’s Artistic Swimming Team and Hancock Agriculture CEO Adam Giles in Driza-Bone apparel.